"Chavez is brain dead," says former ambassador –Venezuelan government dismisses the rumors
02/28/2013 | 13:47

"Chavez is brain dead," says former ambassador –Venezuelan government dismisses the rumors

President Hugo Chavez suffered brain death, about two months ago and that four days later his life support was cut off. At least that is what former Panama’s ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), Guillermo Cochez claims. Cochez, who was removed from the post of the ambassador to the OAS in January, went one step further, "revealing" that the photograph of Chavez from the hospital, which was published in the press, was fake. His removal from the organization is attributed to his judgmental stance towards the OAS, which had agreed with the decision of the Venezuelan government to delay the date of the inauguration day for Chavez.

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro, has dismissed the rumors about concealing Hugo Chavez’s death, saying the leader was ruling the country from his hospital ward.

"He has a team of men and women who are subordinated… Absolutely subordinated to his command, to his leadership" Maduro said characteristically.

The vice president also said that Chavez had held a five-hour meeting with his aides, and communicated with them by writing.

Cochez’s statements are not the only which reinforce the rumors of the death of Chavez. Quite a few media in Latin America argue that Chavez is either dead, or in a coma.

"If they think that I am lying, let them prove otherwise by showing Chavez alive and well," Cochez told Colombia’s NTN24.

Approximately 15 students were injured after complaining about the lack of information about the course of President Chavez’s health. Students, who tried to chain themselves to the doors of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, were forcibly removed by the police. The issue of the health of Chavez is highly a political one because the opposition believes that if Chavez is unable to govern, new elections must be declared.

Source: Voice of Russia

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